First Year


Sr. No. Name Designation in College Designation in BoS
1 Dr. P R Bajaj Director, GHRCE Permanent Invitee
2 Dr. B P Butey Professor, Applied Physics, GHRCE (Dean First Year) HOD/Chairman
3 Dr. V D Raut, Professor, Applied Physics, GHRCE Member
4 Dr. R R Shrivastava Professor, Applied Chemistry, GHRCE Member
5 Dr. O K Chaudhari Professor, Applied Mathematics, GHRCE. Member
6 Dr. Swagatam Das Associate Professor, Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta 1. Subject Expert
7 Dr. Satyanarayana Bheesette Scientific Officer (H), Department of High Energy Physics, TIFR, Mumbai 2. Subject Expert
8 Mr. Vivek Rafalia Hotel Key (MNC) Alumni Member
9 Awaited --- University Nominee
10 Mr. Vedant Bahel III Semester Information Technology 1. Students’ Nominee
11 Ms. Surmai Mukherjee III Semester Electronics & Telecommunication Engg 2. Students’ Nominee
12 Dr. R. S. Shelke HOD, Mechanical Engineering   Co-opted Members
13 Prof. Nekita Chavhan HOD, Computer Science & Engineering
14 Dr. P Y Pawde             HOD, Civil Engineering
15 Dr. M. A. Gaikwad HOD, Information Technology
16 Dr. Vibha Bora HOD, Electronics Engineering
17 Dr. M M Khanapurkar HOD, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
18 Dr. P M Daigavhane HOD, Electrical Engineering