Institute Name G.H. Raisoni College of Engineering, Nagpur-440016, (Maharashtra), India
India Ranking 2017 ID IR17-ENGG-2-12233
Discipline Engineering
Parameter Details of Top Universities where your graduates have been admitted for higher studies
3D.GTOP, S.No. Name of the student of your institution  Graduating year of the student PG/PhD program in where student has been admitted Name of the top university/institutions Year of admission
  1 Ashutosh Kumar Singh 2015-16 PG IITBHU Varanasi 2016-17
  2 Janak Pankaj Shah 2015-16 PG Arizona State University USA 2016-17
  3 Pooja Vijay Gadekar 2015-16 PG M.Tech., VIT Vellore 2016-17
  4 Rahul Abhay Charde 2015-16 PG Deakin University, Geelong Australia 2016-17
  5 Rahul Gupta 2015-16 PG RKNEC, Nagpur 2016-17
  6 Aakash Malviya 2015-16 PG The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong 2016-17
  7 Apoorva Milind Sonavani 2015-16 PG Arizona State University, Phoenix, Arizona Area, US 2016-17
  8 Susmita Guin 2015-16 PG RKNEC, Nagpur 2016-17
  9 Ajinkya Vitthal Chouhan 2015-16 PG M.Tech. Industrial Engg. RKNEC, Nagpur  2016-17
  10 Amol Dilip Helonde 2015-16 PG HPE, RKNEC, Nagpur  2016-17
  11 Dhurjoti D. Chaudhuri 2015-16 PG MBA IMT Nagpur  2016-17
  12 Piyusha Rajendra Khanna 2015-16 PG Clemson University, US 2016-17
  13 Rishabh Patre 2015-16 PG IIM, Rohtak, 2016 2016-17
  14 Vrushali Raut 2015-16 PG M.Tech, YCCE, Nagpur 2016-17
  15 Akash Shegaonkar 2015-16 PG University of Southern California 2016-17
Note:  1. Please enter data for students who have graduated in year 2015-16 from your institute and got admitted in PG/PhD program of a top institution
2. Institutions ranked as top institutions in the following ranking bodies namely India Ranking 2016, QS World Ranking 2016, THE World University Ranking 2016.